Yours Truly

As the BOLD Project’s Executive Director Katrina A. Robinson is well aware, many of the issues clients face following gender affirmation surgery are not related to their care but rather involving barriers to reentry into their former lives as their authentic selves.

While most post-operative discharge planning services will include navigation support to ensure that clients access required medical care and vital social services, one key component that is missing is Peer-Peer support. The BOLD Project fills this gap through its “Yours Truly” Program, which provides one-to-one, in-hospital post-op coaching and supportive services for M2F clients. The primary goal of the program is reduce the risk of post-op complications which can result in the need for revision procedures, and to decrease feelings of isolation and anxiety by providing intensive support from the period following surgery leading up to the first follow-up appointment.

What sets “Yours Truly” apart from other peer coaching/mentoring programs, is our pre-care and post-care components. Clients are availed access to the program at the time of surgery scheduling and can continue to access support up to thirty days following their procedures. At intake, clients meet their assigned Coach and discuss their pre- and post-op concerns. To smoothen the medical discharge process, clients are counseled on developing appropriate post-operative housing, transportation and basic needs support. Referrals are provided as necessary to ensure that clients will have proper dietary and hygiene plans in place prior to surgery. Most importantly, client are able to build rapport with a peer knowledgeable of the surgical process, and learn helpful tips and proven coping mechanisms leading up to their surgery. After surgery, a curriculum specifically tailored to the client is implemented in-hospital, in concert with post-op medical care to ensure that each client can recover both physically and emotionally.

Standard Curriculum

  1. Program Intake
  2. Pre-Procedure Check-In
  3. Post-Op Program 3-5 Days
  4. Emotional Support
  5. When to get help
  6. Straight Talk "Your new Vagina"
  7. Dilation Tips & Tricks
  8. Holistic Pain Management
  9. What to do when [    ] happens
  10. Reentry Support “Introducing the true you to family and friends”
  11. Housing/Basic Needs Assessment